1. Prices

All prices of the current price list are inclusive of VAT. They are subject to change and are constantly adapted to market realities.
With a net order value below € 200.00, we charge the actual shipping costs.

For COD shipments, we collect the resulting collection fee.

2. Product changes

Technical and optical modifications of our offered products, we reserve the right to express!


Delivery is generally plus shipping costs. Orders under a net value of € 200.00 will be delivered only completely.
If the customer still wanted a partial delivery, we reserve the right to calculate the partial delivery caused by the freight costs.

4. Conditional sale

All deliveries are based on our low premiums and thus minimize the administrative burden only after prepayment.
After your order per Email you receive a proforma invoice from Tauern Pharmacy / World Tube Audio.
Before we mail you the proforma invoice, we ask the Austrian or, if absent, the German importer about the delivery time.
When the importer can send us your ordered products promptly you get the proforma invoice.

After receiving your payment, we order your desired products (delivery time 2 days) and ship themimmediately to the customer.

5. Payment

Invoices are issued on the date of dispatch of the goods at the agreed delivery date.
The invoices are payable by cash in advance.

6. Damage

All shipments travel at the risk of the customer / purchaser. The customer is obliged to open for acceptance damage to seek confirmation from the carrier. The acknowledgment of the harm is directly submitted to us. Unconfirmed open defects can not later be recognized and are not insured. If it is a concealed shipping damage or shortage, this is immediately in writing to the carrier and the display of recourse should be reported to the freight carrier. The proof of filing of the latent defect, you provide us immediately. It applies to hidden defects, the deadlines must be observed, which concealed defects must be notified of receipt of goods. These are: at the post office within 24 hours, at the railway within 7 days, with the carrier within six days, with airlines within 7 days.

7. Incorrect orders

We reserve the right, to refuse the return for products that were purchased specifically for a customer.

8. Cancellations

We deny cancellation of products that were specially ordered for a customer.
If the the customer has already received the goods the provisions of section 7, incorret orders, take place.

9. Complaints

We are constantly striving to provide you reliable quality products only. Should it be necessary to have cause for complaint (faulty goods), you send the product concerned (including the copy of invoice and detailed description of the fault) free house, provided with an authorization number to us. Without accurate and detailed error description is an adaptation is not possible. You get such an authorization number after you have shown us the complaint with a precise description and copy of invoice by email. Authorization numbers are valid for 4 weeks after the award. The authorization number is clearly visible to the outside on the packaging.
Returns without authorization number and non-free returns are not accepted.
The customer is required to unfounded complaint products to take back!
The return must complete (eg including remote control, description, etc.) are carried in original packaging free-to-door to us! Incomplete returns can not be processed and will be sent immediately to the customer. Valid claims will be sent to the supplier for repair. After repair, the customer receives the product is sent free of charge. Please note that any deficiencies in the delivery (or lack of delivery of a product not ordered product), we meet this deficiency within 3 days of receipt must be displayed. Later complaints can not be accepted and will be charged to the purchaser.

10. Liability

The liability for consequential costs of any kind caused by non-delivery or incorrect delivery or non-related feature in our products is excluded.
For liability Tauern Pharmacy / World Tube Audio, this refers only to the value of goods, the products we offer.

11. Validity

The current price list supersedes all previous offers, which become invalid. Printing errors are subject to change without notice. For foreign customers are different agreements.

12. Court of justice

Court of justice is Lienz, if the customer is not a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Act. The Austrian law is agreed.


The statutory warranty provisions.

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