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Omid Mostachfi

Hello, Steve -
Nice website Best Regards Irv Clemo

I've just come upon your excellent site...I used to own a tube amp, but have been stuck with transistor amps for the past few years...and I've had enough of that.
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Great list of tube links. I wonder if you would add Mapletree Audio
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I was checking out your site tonight, quite an ambitious undertaking, and cool.. I added a link from one of my link pages to yours tonight..
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Hello. I found your very interesting site and am interested in full range
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Jonathan Levy, Los Angeles,CA

Thanks for the recommendaton!
I have just bought NOS tubes (Mazda) for the preamp and KT90 tubes for the
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Best regards,
--Terje, Norway

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Hi, great site and gorgeous tweaked WAD HD83.
Thank for your help

Nice web page, I've bookmarked it.  Looking forward to see what you come up
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Later, Nick.

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How you doing. I am visiting your web site about once a week, and find allways useful links.
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